The Past

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The Dark Wolf Pack was created by Dark Rain in 2006. It was all of five members, Alphess Dark Rain, Beta Wulfsige, Axle, Darcia, and Lucian. Rain put all of her heart and soul in to it, and many members joined. One on whome, was a young wolf name FireSoul and another named Raven. Many things happened and the pack grew stong together. Dark Rain finially took her Beta Male, Wulfsige as her mate, and together they reined for a short while, as Wulfsige soon steped down and left the pack shortly after. In the mean time Raven became beta female, and in time Alpha female a few years after when Dark rain steped down.
FireSouL earned her way to becoming a Dark Wolf rank, just below beta, but about a year after joining the Dark Wolf Pack she heard another call and so left to fallow her heart. In doing so, created a new pack with her male wolf, NightGlow. Though she never forgot her mother pack. They created the Lunar Cycle Wolf Pack. Though it only had a very members it was her pride an joy. Though her things just didn't work out between NightGlow and FireSoul and so, they went their separate ways. Fire's heart was broken, but her will was strong, and so, her little three member pack stuck together, and in time more members joined and her life became joyful, and full once more. Then one night while she was sleeping a white wolf came to her in a dream. She became Shyo'Day, and her firey coat faded and she was FireSoul, no more. In that same time, her pack's name had change, and they became, the Zodiac Wolves!
Her pack was small, SnowStorm, Knight, and herslf... but, they made do and though her first two members in starting te pack left to move on in their own personal lives, Shyo'Day never lost hope. In time she found NapalmWolf, a wild male with no desire to follow another's rules. She soon fell in love with this crazy wolf, and so they've been the alpha pair leading the Zodiac Wolves for many many years now.


The Merg & Reasoning behind the 2 packs 1 site idea.
In Noverember of 2009 The Dark Wolf Pack and the Zodiac Wolves merged togetger creating a one large pack known as the Starlight Wolf Pack. Dark Rain, our dear Alphess and pack Creator had stepped down after a wounderful three year riegn and left her dear Beta Female, Raven in charge of the pack. Some time went by and the pack fell inactive, around the same time that the zodiac wolf clan had began to fall apart in to the same inactivity of members. So the two Alpha Females of both packs decided to merge the families together creating one great pack. Raven soon left to create a new pack with her mate, and the DWP / ZW pack watched over by Alphess Shyo'Day and her lovely mate, Alpha Napalm Wolf, became known as the Starlight Wolf Pack.

Click Here To Watch Starlight Pack Introduction, Video Made for us by our dear guest, MoonFang in 2009

How We Ended Up As Two Packs Again!

Well, the one thing we can always count on is change.. right?
Well, time passed, and Shyo'Day thought about a good change, for one very loyal, very ture wolf was ready to lead. Shyo'day talked to Dark Hero, Ichigo, a member of who have been with the Dark Wolf Pack for a few years, and tey agreed to up-merg the packs but to say on the same site and forum. Two families, together as one since the mmbers were all freinds together, and because there is strength when together as a whole. So together they stand. The Zodiac Wolves and Dark Wolf Pack.
Ichigo is a wonderful leader, loyal, brave, and mothering. She is a young alphess, but true to her word. She leads the Dark Wolf Pack, whole haertedly and is in her search to bring back the wolves we have lost a long the way. Ichigo, Bringing us home!


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