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The Zodiac Wolf Pack's Rules::
1. Respect all. There will be no fighting, or bullies, or disrespectful little *beeps* running around here. You must treat others the way you want to be treated, and well, that means if you want to be treated badly, disrespected, and discriminated and left out, then truly I feel sorry for you, because I'll have to throw you out!
2. There's no flirting, asking for numbers, or any other personal questions between pack mates. Because don't forget this is still "on line" and hackers can get your info, and well, we all know what's about. So yeah. No info given or asked for, please.
3. No Porno, no "cyber rapes", no sexy talk, or sexual comments or pictures. If you are caught being a perve, or posting porn in our Forum, you will be permanently banned from the pack, and forum.. and depending on how mad I am, or how offended my pack is about it, I just might report you to the police as well. So NO PORNO!!!!
4. Come on now, please watch the mouth. If you want respect then don't swear. The first bad word you say, you'll get a warning, second I'll have a good stern talking to ya, and third, I ban you from the forum for 2 weeks, and see if you've learned the lesson. If swearing continues, you'll be banned permanently.
( The only swears I allow, are "damn" and "hell".. anything else, you'll be getting in trouble with! )
5. The only mates in the den are the Alpha Female & Alpha Male; and if it so happens that our Betas fall in love, then it'll also be our Beta Female, and Beta Male.  Anyone else caught dating within the pack will get a talkin' to, and possibly trouble.
- We don't really allow dating or relation ships within the pack for very good reasons, and here they are::
For one, we all know what usually happens when people break up.. they don't talk to each other any more, and most times their friends don't talk to each other anymore, .. and yeah. so now put that in a pack term, and think.. that would tear the pack apart now, wouldn't it?
( I speak from experience. I've been there.)
Secondly, I don't want any of the posts "mushy mushy, .. all kissy faced" because hey face it, -No one wants to read it or see. So if you really got to, get a room. Our forum is not it!
6. Please No double posting, it takes up too much room, and it makes the forum look messy.
7. What's said in the Forum, stays in the Forum! Don't be going off telling every one's business to world. It's rude, and hey.. What goes around comes around. The world is smaller than you think.
8. Please don't post any one else's art or or ideals as your own. That's plagarism, and you will be caught and reported. So just don't use it. And please ask permission before using any of our artwork. Thanks
9. No Double Packs! Stay loyal and true to your own pack. Meaning you can't be in more than one pack at the same time. ( Just think of the pack as your date, .. so don't cheat on it.)
10. ( yeah, it's the last one for now!) Number 10! Please follow all the rules listed above, and Have fun!

-Thank You,
Alphess Shy'oDay & Alpha Napalm Wolf


For Those Visiting:

*DO NOT take anything (or borrow) without our PERMISSION! We will find out and we will attack.

*Please no spamming in the "Howl". It is pointless. We can delete your posts without any effect on it. We have that time and we have that power. But tolerance of it is not accepted.

*No foul, sexual-related, or explicit verbal language. No dating, no "have you seen..." or invites. If you are here for any of those, go to yahoo chat. Any usage of the related content will be an automatic deletion of your account.

*No flamers. This is a Wolf Pack. We do not need your disapproval on what we are or its components. If you seriously do not like wolves or what we represent, please join the WE_HATE_WOLVES site. They will be happy to welcome you.

*Please no copying or using our stuff to host on your site. Our sweat and blood went into making this pack.

*Make this a safe, fun-filled environment and enjoy your stay!

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