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Role Play Characters


When you are wanting to create a character for roleplaying, you can post it in the "Howl" forums titling your topic "[Your Name]'s Characters". Only a maximum of 3 characters are allowed. These characters must be wolf related. They can be actual wolves, werewolves, or even human beings related with wolves (which do not use abundantly). There are no magical elements or powers allowed.

Only real life "natured"-fun roleplaying. Do not make your character invincible or survive any fault without injuries. We are using real life basics. This also means you can not go around attacking or killing other peoples' characters. Character fights are only allowed in pack challenges. (See Wolf Packs for Roleplaying for more details)

No pack fighting without the Moderator's permission (Alpha must be the one to notify me).
If you start a pack and wish to challenge another pack over territory rights, then you must inform the moderator first. Then I will set up the "Challenge" for the two packs. See wolf pack roleplaying page.

All posts must be in third-person unless characters are talking. (Talking is allowed!) Third person means no "I, you, me, we us" language. Example: "He looked at her with concerned eyes filled with emotion, though his heart was aching."

Neither of your names may be/contain a curse word. Try not to have your names more than ten characters long, at least without a shorter version ready for use (like a nickname). Do not use numbers or symbols. Only letters are allowed. Also, once a character name is taken, you can not use that in any way shape or form.

Also, since the maximum limit on characters are three, if you wish to delete an old character and add a new one, you must inform me first. Any changes on your character without my knowledge will lead in deleting them.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask Shyo'Day.


Age: (wolves live up to 18 years of age, werewolves can live up to several centuries (100 years per century)
Eye color:
Main pelt color: (main fur color)
Secondary pelt color: (patches, spots, etc,)
Markings: (location of patches, any scars? etc)
Pack: (must post packs that exist in this forum, see rules)
Rank: (given by Alpha of a rp pack)

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